Have a safe and wonderful holiday season with less stress

Thanksgiving kicks off a whole season of holiday gatherings. Holidays should be fun, but the change in routine and long days can wear on anyone, especially people with ADHD. Sleep: Schedule time for everyone to get to bed on time. Everyone needs to sleep to feel their best! If you're traveling, see the National Sleep Foundation's Travel page for travel-specific tips. Don't overschedule: When we try to do too much, everything is rushed. It's okay to say no to some gatherings or parties. Alternate which family members you see each holiday if it's too hard to see everyone each time. Let go of perfection: If all the tasks of getting your house ready for guests is overwhelming, go back to the bas

Bullet Journaling for Organization

Madeline DeShazer, a research assistant in the ADHD Specialty Clinic at Children’s Mercy, showed the student group how to make bullet journaling work for them. Several adults with ADHD came to this talk and she hopes to return to repeat it with a few tweaks for our parent group before she heads off to grad school.

Anxious and ADHD?

Dr. Tonya Miles shares how living with ADHD and anxiety is common, but treatable. #DrTonyaMiles #anxiety

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