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Supporting local kids and adults thriving with ADHD

ADHDKC, Kansas City’s Award Winning CHADD Chapter, is committed to providing resources and current treatment information for local parents navigating the complex world of their ADHD child, adults with ADHD, and middle and high school students with ADHD and associated conditions.  


image of young children laughing and playing at a table with colorful legos


Children and adults with ADHD may have lower self-esteem and self-confidence than those without ADHD because of the increased amount of criticism they receive. They experience stigma, as not everyone believes that ADHD is a neurobiological problem. Some people still believe that ADHD is the fault of the child or is a result of poor parenting.

Attending events with adults with ADHD and parents of ADHD children can provide critical and essential support for people in need. These gatherings have given lots of adults and parents great ideas and strategies to help manage behaviors and to stay connected to the latest in area resources and treatment options. Most importantly, they’ve been an invaluable source of support through the ups and downs of parenting an ADHD child.

A picture of a meeting room with a participant raising a hand and the slide on the screen says resources with a list of unreadable resources.


An invaluable source of support

ADHD meetings give adults and parents of children with ADHD some of the best ideas and strategies to manage behaviors.

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