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COVID19 Update:

Until further notice all meetings have been canceled. We are looking at webinar formats for all. Please check back later and watch our Events Page on Facebook.

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Upcoming 2020 Adults with ADHD Meeting Dates:


  • April 12: cancelled due to Easter

  • May: cancelled due to Mother's Day

  • June 14: we're back!

Toni Cook, Assistant Director of Special Education at Liberty School District and Owner of Cook Behavior Co, will discuss IEPs and 504 Plans at our April parent group. Learn the differences between IEPs and 504 Plans and how one might be able to help your student.

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All students need to learn to advocate for themselves so they can thrive in life.

Counselor Natalie Bergman will show our student group how they can self-advocate during your IEP and 504 meetings during the April ADHDKCTeen meeting.

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New Women's Support Group! 

Sold Out! 

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Tweens and teens often struggle with self esteem.

Many people with ADHD seem to be especially sensitive and suffer from low self esteem.

Learn how to boost your self esteem with tips from Bobbie Lainey Mahney of Sparkling Resilience.

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Are you having trouble getting organized?

Do deadlines come and go?

Madeline DeShazer, a research assistant in the ADHD Specialty Clinic at Children’s Mercy, will show how you can make bullet journaling work for you.

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Looking for past meetings?

See our Resource Page


Join us as we raise money for mental health awareness during the NAMIWalks event. 

Saturday, May 2, 2020       

     Check in 9 am          

     Start time 10 am      


Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park 

Lenexa, KS


Families are invited to become team members and walk with us. For those who can't walk, you can still help! Share the walk information with others or offer your donation. 

See our Team Page for more information!

Thank you to Beckham Linton from Heartland Social Learning Center and Bobbie Lainey Mahaney from Sparkling Resilience, LLC. Whole Health Coaching by Lainey for great talks!


I heard positive feedback from the parent talk about communication tips and was able to see the discussion in the student room about bullying.


Slides for each are on our main website.

Deborah Herzog, an occupational therapist from St. Nicholas Children's Therapies, spoke to our parent group about sensory integration. Sensory integration is at the root of development. Incoming sensory information is perceived by lower brain centers before it can be fully interpreted by higher brain centers for a motor response. When the lower brain center isn’t developed optimally, then incoming sensory information can be misinterpreted, and then higher brain centers might not have adequate information to give an appropriate response. For example, after auditory information enters the ears and if the lower brain center perceives it as a threat, then the higher brain centers get bits and pieces of the information versus a whole picture. This can affect how your child responds and learns. Her slides are available on our Past Meetings page.

Dr. Kristen Stuppy talked with our student group about the common side effects of medications used to treat ADHD and what to do when they occur.

Links to the slides from each presentation are available on ADHDKC.