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Meetings are FREE, however CHADD groups are financially supported by memberships and donations, so we kindly ask you to consider joining CHADD to help support our mission of improving the lives of those affected by ADHD.

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Looking for past meetings?

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Upcoming 2020 Adults with ADHD Meeting Dates:


  • January 12: cancelled due to weather and CHIEFS!

  • February 9

  • March 8

  • April 12: cancelled due to Easter

Click on images to learn more and to RSVP:

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Deborah Herzog, an occupational therapist from St. Nicholas Children's Therapies, will talk to our parent group about sensory integration. 

This talk will start at 6:30 at the Oak Park Library

Please let us know you're coming - sign up on this SignUpGenius form.

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ADHD medications have many potential benefits, but they also come with side effects. Learn what the most common side effects are and what to do to help manage them at the February ADHDKCTeen talk.


This talk will be presented by Dr. Stuppy at the Oak Park Library from 6:30-7:30 pm. As always, feel free to come a little early to sign in and chat with others.

Learn more and let us know you're coming on this Sign Up. (Space is limited!)

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Our January meeting helped students learn the vocabulary of ADHD to be able to better advocate for themselves at home, school, and with peers. Thank you Haley Killian and Jarrod Sotos for this engaging talk!

Slides are posted! Click here.

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Dr. Simone Moody, a psychologist at Children's Mercy's ADHD Clinic, talked to parents about the importance of and benefits from routines at our January meeting.


Slides are posted! Click here

Our Recent Meetings

More great talks kicked off 2020 at the Leawood Pioneer Library.


Dr. Simone Moody, a psychologist at Children's Mercy's ADHD Clinic, talked to our parent group on the importance of routines and how to use them effectively. She discussed common barriers families find when setting routines and ways to overcome them.

Graduate students Haley Killian and Jarrod Sotos presented an engaging talk about all the terminology used when discussing ADHD to our ADHDKCTeen group. Students learned various words and abbreviations so that they can advocate for themselves at home, school, and beyond.

Once again we would like to thank our speakers for fantastic learning experiences at the December 3rd ADHDKC and ADHDKCTeen meetings. 

In the ADHDKCTeen room Dr. Toni Cook spoke about social skills. The group talked about communication skills, impulsivity, and hidden disabilities. They also watched videos of Elf, Parenthood, and King of Queens to pick out expected and unexpected behaviors. The top left image shows the worksheet they used for one activity.

The parents in the ADHDKC room heard Dr. Tiffany Arrington and Dr. Karen Jordan from the Jordan Psychological Center talk about Executive Functioning. Parents learned how kids typically develop executive functioning skills and how those skills are often delayed in kids with ADHD. 

Links to the slides from each presentation are available on ADHDKC.