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What meetings are offered?


We have group events for

  • Parents of kids of all ages with ADHD

  • Women with ADHD 

  • Adults with ADHD

  • Middle and high school students with ADHD - ADHDKCTeen

  • Scroll down to find the group(s) that interest you and click to learn more!


All meetings are free and open to the public, but require signing up prior to the event. This includes in person events (to allow seating arrangements) and online events (to get log in details). Use the icon for the group you're interested in to learn their latest updates!


If you do not get information about how to join online within a week of the meeting, check your SPAM folder by searching for a word in the title or the speaker's name. 


Recordings will be posted to our Past Events page if available.

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Non-ADHDKC Events of Interest

A D H D Podcasts header image

CHADD's Podcasts


The ADHD 365 podcast provides expert advice, tips, and strategies for families, adults, educators, and professionals.

The All Things ADHD podcast is a learning resource program of CHADD’s National Resource Center, funded by the CDC, to disseminate expert information to improve the lives of those affected by ADHD.

This free course will explore:

  • Organization and time management strategies to help keep track of assignments, quizzes, tests, and other important events or dates

  • Strategies to help plan and complete assignments

  • How to contact and work with the college’s disability services office to discuss any accommodations needed

  • Tips to establish a routine that reinforces healthy behaviors, while limiting drinking and avoiding substance use

  • How to work with medical providers to find a treatment regimen that is most effective in reducing ADHD symptoms with few or no side effects

  • Steps to take to safeguard ADHD medication and keep track of it


Learn more and register here:

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