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Week 4: ADHD Mythbusting

Week 4's video to honor ADHD Awareness Month tackles common myths about ADHD.

Common Myths that are NOT True:

1. ADHD is just bad behavior from poor parenting.

2. If you can focus for a long time you don't have ADHD.

3. Eliminating sugar and eating clean will fix ADHD.

4. People always outgrow ADHD.

5. Successful people can't have ADHD.

6. Smart people can't have ADHD.

7. The medications to treat ADHD will lead to drug abuse.

8. ADHD is just an excuse for laziness. They should just try harder.


Hyperfocus: The Flip Side of ADHD? (Child Mind Institute)

Parents Guide to ADHD (Child Mind Institute)

Did you miss the first 3 weeks?

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