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Checklists of Champions

Dr. Tiffany Arrington, a psychologist at Horizon Academy, talked to our parent group about using checklists to help our youth gain organizational skills.

Tune in to learn how to help your child, student, or self get control of tasks!

Thank you, Dr. Arrington and Horizon Academy for putting on such a great event.

Coming next month…

Horizon Academy is welcoming ADHDKC members to their popular Learning Disability Simulation in March to hear from professionals as well as those who have personally been affected by learning disabilities.

Horizon Academy offers the community a series of free informative seminars regarding learning disabilities and related topics. The “Learning Disability Series” is held on Thursday evenings throughout the year.

While the event is free, RSVP is required. Please plan to attend if you sign up or let them know if your plans change to help their professionals plan on resources for the participants.

This is a Horizon Academy Event. On the sign up it will ask how you heard about it. Please choose “other” and write in ADHDKC.

Learn more and sign up here: Sign Up


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